Synology NAS

IBSCY Ltd is a certified service provider of Synology NAS in Cyprus and it has the knowledge and experience to sell, install, and maintain all of its products.  IBS is an expert provider of total IT products and services and it specializes in designing sophisticated solutions to complicated problems using technology.  As a part of the company's wide variety of products, one can find Synology hardware which are Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems used for a vast amount of uses. 

These devices have increased durability and can be connected to your home or office network.  Synology NAS devices are used for storing important documents such as photos, videos, music, and corporate files for the everyday activities of mid-size businesses.  Thus, users have the ability to create their own ''dropbox'' and access their files from anywhere using a web browser or a mobile app.  Synology's devices are also widely used for backup purposes since their internet connectivity enables users to store backup files in offsite locations.  In addition, users can gain increased features by using Synology NAS such as increased scalability of storage and security as users can have control of sensitive data in their own facilities.  More importantly, since owning is considered much cheaper than renting, in the long run, the Synology infrastructure lets you decrease costs for your organization by avoiding the costly solutions of cloud storage that include high monthly subscription fees.  Lastly, Synology offers its own app store with a huge selection of apps and programs for all kinds of users.

IBSCY Ltd solution architects can help you choose the most pertinent piece of hardware for your needs from the vast selection of Synology devices.  Furthermore, they can assist you in implementing all the features offered and explain all the capabilities that they can offer.

Centralized backup

Synology enables backup solutions in a unified, intuitive console without license fees.

High Availability

Ensure employee access to data and services at all times and avoid server or storage failures.

Seamless File Sharing

Share files internally with ease and collaborate efficiently.

Scalability of storage

You can easily and cost-effectively increase or decrease storage as your business needs change.

Low cost of ownership

Simple to operate without the need of an IT professional to install or manage.