IBSCY – Delphi Alliance 1st Global Conference in Athens: Navigating the cybersecurity landscape


IBSCY's participation in Delphi Alliance's 1st Global Conference in Athens underscored the urgency of addressing the evolving cybersecurity landscape. IBSCY as a leading integrator in the IT sector in Cyprus was honored to provide invaluable and insightful presentation aiming to empower businesses to proactively navigate through threats, by highlighting the importance of cyber security and implementing the best practices.

The event served as a valuable platform for industry leaders to exchange insights, network and unlock collaboration opportunities. Our sincere thanks go to Mr. Christos S. Christodoulou and Mr. Chris Boreham from the Delphi Alliance for their gracious invitation and warm hospitality throughout this extraordinary gathering.

Key takeaways from our presentation “Cybersecurity and Threats”.

  • Modern Workforce Dynamics: The definition of the "new normal" has evolved over the past few years, especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees and contractors now work from a variety of locations, including home, office, and hybrid setups.
  • Increased Data Access: Employees have more access to data through various channels than ever before, from mobile devices to collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, leading to a surge in data generation and accessibility.
  • High Employee Mobility: Employees are changing jobs more frequently than in the past, creating risks of data loss and insider threats as they leave one organization for another.

Implications for Organizations.

  • Insider threats have increased by 44% in 2022, and the volume of data organizations need to protect is expected to grow by 23% until 2025.
  • Organizations must prioritize data protection, determine data's strategic value, manage access, storage, and retirement effectively.
  • The "Great Resignation" has posed new challenges for protecting data as employees depart voluntarily or involuntarily.

Key considerations while navigating in the evolving Threat Landscape – Protecting individuals in the Age of Cloud services.

  • Over 99% of threats rely on users to execute malicious actions, such as downloading attachments, enabling macros, or clicking on malicious links.
  • The migration to cloud services, particularly email, has introduced new vulnerabilities that attackers exploit.
  • The rise in malware-free business email compromise (BEC) and email fraud has incurred significant financial losses for organizations.

Effectively countering breaches today requires a different approach.

IBSCY emphasized that focusing solely on stopping malware is insufficient, as the initial stages of an attack are the most critical. A determined adversary can establish a presence within hours. The rule of 1-10-60 guides a winning approach to threat detection, investigation, and containment within minutes and an hour, respectively.

Navigating Endpoint Challenges in the Cloud Era.

Endpoints, such as laptops and mobile devices, have become the epicenter of risk in most organizations. Endpoints are the gateway to the cloud, and their security is crucial for both productivity and defense against cyber threats. Endpoint security presents unique challenges:

  • Attackers' increasing sophistication requires advanced protection technologies and highly skilled security staff.
  • Scalability and minimal impact on productivity are essential considerations in endpoint security.

As threats continue to grow in complexity and organizations face new challenges in securing their digital assets, a proactive and adaptable approach to cybersecurity is imperative. This means moving away from traditional security measures and embracing innovative strategies to detect, prevent, respond, and monitor potential risks before they escalate to attacks, in real time. IBSCY provides IT security services and products to protect your business against cyber threats and foster its growth and development in the digital era.


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