Azure Site Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Disaster Recovery encompasses the strategies, processes, and policies designed to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or human-included disasters. In the event of a disaster, it is crucial for an organisation to have a robust plan for restoring its technology infrastructure, which is essential for maintaining operations. Disaster Recovery primarily focuses on the IT and technology systems that underpin critical business functions. 

IBSCY Ltd Disaster Recovery Services

IBSCY Ltd provides comprehensive Disaster Recovery services in Cyprus, utilising Microsoft Azure Site Recovery. These solutions ensure that businesses remain operational, even during significant IT disruptions. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery promotes resilience with straightforward deployment, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. It supports replication, failover, and recovery processes to keep applications running during both planned and unplanned outages. 

As a certified Microsoft Azure partner in Cyprus, IBSCY Ltd is well-equipped to deliver the Azure Site Recovery solution directly "out-of-the-box." The company recommends, implements, and configures this solution tailored to meet specific organisational needs and requirements. For more detailed information about Azure Site Recovery, visit the Microsoft website.

For more information regarding Windows Azure Site recovery feel free to contact us.

Simple to deploy and manage

Effortlessly set up Microsoft Azure Site Recovery by replicating an Azure VM to a different region directly through the Azure portal. As a fully integrated solution,  Azure Site Recovery is continuously updated with the latest Azure features. Reduce recovery issues by strategically sequencing multi-tier applications running on multiple virtual machines. Ensure compliance by testing disaster recovery plans without impacting production workloads or users. Maintain application availability during outages with automatic recovery from on-premises to Azure, or between Azure regions.   



Reduce infrastructure costs

Using Azure Site Recovery (ASR), reduce the costs associated with deploying, monitoring, patching, and maintaining on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure by eliminating the need for a costly secondary data centre. With Microsoft Azure site recovery, you only pay for the computing resources required to support your applications, ensuring a cost-effective solution. This approach offers sustainable, long-term benefits in reducing your company's operational costs. 

Minimize downtime with dependable recovery

Ensure compliance with industry regulations, such as ISO 27001, by implementing Microsoft Azure Site Recovery across different Azure regions. Extend coverage to encompass all essential business applications, backed by Azure's reliable service availability and outstanding support. With Site Recovery, you can swiftly restore your latest data, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal operational continuity.