Comprehensive Cloud Backup Solutions by IBSCY Ltd

Data backup is a critical function within the organisation. In the event of a server or system failure, it is imperative for a business to recover swiftly to minimise potential losses. During a technical crisis, maintaining service to clients while resolving issues and awaiting replacement systems is essential. 

IBSCY Ltd offers robust cloud backup solutions and applications, serving businesses in Cyprus, Greece and internationally. Our services provide tailored data backup solutions to meet each client's specific risk tolerance and requirements, ensuring regular backups and guaranteeing access to data and applications under any circumstances. 

Features of IBSCY's Cloud Backup Application

  • Automatic Scheduling: Seamlessly schedule backups to ensure data is consistently protected without manual intervention. 
  • Data Compression: Efficiently compress data to optimise storage usage and reduce costs. 
  • Encryption: Secure data with advanced encryption techniques to protect against unauthorised access. 
  • Incremental Backups: Perform incremental backups after the initial full backup to save time and storage space. 
  • Versioning: Maintain multiple versions of backups to safeguard against data corruption and accidental deletions. 
  • Secure Local Backups: Provide additional security with local backups stored on-site. 
  • Comprehensive Support: Support open file backup, system state backup, and backups of active servers and databases, including: 
    • MS SQL Server
    • MS Exchange Server
    • Hyper-V
    • MS SharePoint Server
    • Oracle Server

Why Choose IBSCY Ltd?

  • Expert Installation and Setup: Our team is ready to assist with the installation and setup of cloud backup solutions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. 
  • Tailored Solutions: Receive customised backup solutions designed to meet your business's specific needs and risk tolerance. 
  • Continuous Support: Benefit from our ongoing support and expertise, available whenever you need it. 

Get Started with IBSCY Ltd

To schedule a call or meeting with a team member,  contact IBSCY today. For account creation and instructions on downloading and setting up the cloud backup application, please send us an email with your request. 

Ensure your business is protected with IBSCY Ltd's reliable cloud backup solutions. 

IBSCY Backup

IBSCY Backup empowers small and medium-sized businesses to achieve superior online data protection with high performance for their organisational data. Safeguard all your business data with our reliable cloud backup solution, mitigating any potential data loss and ensuring peace of mind. 

Features and benefits of IBSCY Backup include: 

  • Creation of multiple accounts using your storage space, monitored through a centralised console. 
  • Protection and sharing of digital photos, contacts, and files from any device (iOS or Android)
  • Uploading, accessing, and sharing files, managing backups, and more via the Web. 
  • Database protection through server backups, including – MS SQLMS ExchangeVMwareHyper-V and  MS SharePoint.

Synology Backup

As the exclusive Synology System integrator in Cyprus, IBSCY Ltd offers a premier cloud backup service known as Syn2Syn Backup. This service caters to both personal and corporate users who have a Synology device, whether on-premises or remote. Leveraging our highly available Synology infrastructure housed in a Tier-3 data centre in Cyprus, we provide this service "out-of-the-box", ensuring your data is backed up easily and accurately around the clock. 

To align with the 3-2-1 data protection stategy, we maintain a second copy of your Synology backup in Microsoft Cloud or Microsoft Azure, providing an additional layer of security and reliability. 

IBSCY's Syn2Syn backup is an essential service for all Synology device owners in Cyprus and beyond. For more information about the features and benefits of Synology backup, please click  here.

Azure Backup

Azure backup is a built-in backup solution that simplifies data protection and recovery for all your resources. 

Azure Backup features and benefits include: 

  • Backup Azure Virtual Machines, SQL workloads, and on-premises VMware machines without additional infrastructure
  • Restore data with application consistency using Windows or Linux.
  • Encrypt data and keep it even after legitimate deletion - through multifactor authentication.
  • Manage your resources and activity from the Azure central backup management portal.