Security is a paramount concern for organisations of all types and sizes. In recent years, data breaches and security attacks have become major challanges for companies. The frequency of Internet-based attacks on businesses nearly doubles each year, with cybercriminals increasingly targeting small to medium-sized businesses due to their often inadequate protection. 

IT security is critical, and it is essential to ensure that the latest and most up-to-date technology is in place, from firewalls to anti-spam solutions. These security measures should facilitate access for employees and authorised guests while safeguarding the network against malicious entities. 

The management and maintenance of security equipment and software are complex and time-consuming tasks that should be performed only by specially trained engineers. IBSCY possesses the expertise and technology necessary to protect companies from a variety of threats. We offer a range of cloud security products and services in Cyprus and internationally, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and employees. 

Email Anti-Spam and Antivirus:

Obtain effective protection from spam, viruses, and other email threats. Our cloud email security service continuously monitors all sent and received emails using the most current antispam and antivirus agents available, ensuring that filtering is fully automated. 

The company can concentrate on its core business activities with the assurance provided by IBSCY's trouble-free, managed email services, which include: 

  • No need for personal email backups: Users are relieved from the respondibility of backing up their emails.
  • No need for office presence to access emails: Employees can view their calendar, contacts, and tasks without being physically present in the office. 
  • No concerns about spam and viruses: Our service eliminates worries related to spam and viruses, enhancing security. 
  • No worries about brokes mobile phones: In the event of a broken mobile device, the sevice can restore user contacts.
  • Access from any mobile device: Users can read their emails and access their calendar, contacts, and tasks from any mobile device.
  • Spam-free emails: Users enjoy an enviroment free from unwanted spam emails. 

We are offering Cloud Security products such as:

  • Encryption: IBSCY Ltd provides encryption tools designed to integrate seamlessly with every organisational workflow and process. Whether data is stored on a laptop, a mobile device, or being collaborated upon via the cloud or other file-sharing methods, these tools ensure security without compromising productivity. 
  • Web and Application Flitering: This service monitors and filters unproductive or dangerous website categories during work hours, eliminating the need for browser add-ons on user devices. 
  • Antivirus and Anti-Malware: Offering proactive and real-time protection from the cloud, this feature ensures maximum malware detection, including malware that exploits unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities, regardless of the infection source- be it email, messenger, or web. 
  • Device Control: This functionality allows for the blocking of entire categories of peripheral devices (such as USB drives, modems, webcams, DVD/CD drives) with the use of whitelists and controls over permitted actions (access, real, write). 


Fortinet delivers high-performance, integrated network security for every business against emerging threats.

IBSCY is a Fortinet certified partner in Cyprus and Greece with various Fortinet certified engineers. With a vast experience in Fortigate installation, configuration and maintenance, as well as, in all Fortinet products, we make sure that you will use the correct product that fits your requirements.

Panda Security

Panda Adaptive Defense 360: provides full security protection by integrating Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions with a unique 100% Attestation Service. 

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is based on these four principles:

  1. Prevention, Detection and Response from malware attacks.
  2. Real-Time and Historical Visibility of all endpoint activity with highly detailed information.
  3. 100% Classification of processes.
  4. Forensic Analysis by Panda Security experts.


Many employees are using personal devices for work, and this creates a number of challenges for IT teams and data security. Microsoft offers the following solutions: 

  • Mobile device management (MDM)With MDM employees are able to enroll their personal devices, install business applications, and manage their mobile devices through the company protal. This capability enhances business productivity by allowing flexible work from anywhere and on any device. 
  • Identity and access management:  for employees working on multiple devices, a single sign-on (SSO) feature and a common identity are provided. This ensures that they can access their work on any device at any moment, maintaining optimal productivity. 

IBSCY is a Microsoft certified partner in Cyprus and Greece with a vast experience and clientele using Microsoft365 and Microsoft Azure. Our Microsoft certified engineers in Cyprus and Greece, guarantee a piece of mind for the IT security of your company.


Proofpoint is a cybersecurity platform that focuses on protecting workers and data from cybercriminals who target email, social media, and mobile devices. It offers enterprise-level cloud-based solutions to defend against phishing, socal engineering, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. 

Proofpoint provides a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions to protect organisations from cyber threats. Their human-centric security platform addresses critical risks, including: 

  • Human- Targeted Threats: Proofpoint defends  against phishing, social engineering, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks  that specifically target individuals. 
  • Data Loss Prevention: Their solutions help prevent data leaks and protect sensitive information from unauthorised access or accidental exposure. 
  • Human Error Mitigation: Proofpoint assists in minimising errors made by employees, reducing the risk of security incidents. 

Proofpoint is crucial for companies because it protects their people, data, and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks. Here's why it matters:

  • Advanced Threat Protection: Proofpoint's suite of solutions stops over 99% of attacks. It detects threats in emails and cloud accounts, safeguarding critical information. 
  • Cloud-Enabled Agility: Built on an advanced cloud platform, Proofpoint adapts and updates faster than on-premises tools. This agility helps companies stay ahead of evolving threats. 
  • Global Intelligence: With a global intelligenc platform spanning email, social, and mobile, Proofpoint analyses over 100 billion data points daily. This provides critical visibility to understand and resolve attacks effectively. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Proofpoint maintains a high customer satisfaction rate (over 95%) and a yearly renewal rate (over 90%). Many Fortune 100 companies rely on its solutions. 

IBSCY Ltd is a trusted partner of Proofpoint in Cyprus, offering to its clients not only the license of the software, but also the supervision of possible errors. IBSCY can help customers deploy and manage Proofpoint's cloud-based security, as well as provide technical support and guidance. With IBSCY and Proofpoint, our customers can benefit from the best-in-class protection against cyberattacks across email, social media, and mobile platforms.