Cloud Computing Survey

As one of the largest cloud providers and with vast expertise in cloud technologies, IBSCY Ltd is always investing in Research and Development for new technologies and especially the cloud. R&D is a highly important function within an organization in order to provide insights on understanding consumers’ perceptions and problems with technology.  In addition, our endeavors also focus on research on new technologies that can greatly influence business performance and efficiency.

In addition, alongside the University of Cyprus, we are currently a member of a consortium for a cloud research project called CloudRecoMan.  The name CloudRecoMan is an abbreviation of “Cloud Resource Recommendation and Management Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises”.  During this project, we will investigate the adoption of cloud computing from SMEs in Cyprus and the new platform will enable owners to process and transform business requirements into a deployment solution.  More specifically, the user will be asked to enter abstract business requirements to get recommendations on proposed cloud solutions.

Based on the above, we invite you to complete this survey to help us in our endeavor.  The survey is aimed at business owners whether they currently use cloud computing or not.

The completion of the survey should not take more than 5 minutes!




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