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This challenging year has taught us many lessons.  It illustrated the strong need for businesses to remain flexible and adapt quickly to market changes.  Also, traditional ways of operation are threatened to become obsolete as companies explore new ways to conduct collaboration and communication.

As a result, IBSCY Ltd offers you suggestions that will enable you to work more efficiently in 2021 and adapt to this major market shift more easily.  The products and services offered below, consist of the most advanced technologies in terms of securing and storing data and collaborating and communicating with employees and customers.
Microsoft offers a variety of plans that can help your business collaborate and communicate better without the barriers of physical distance.  Currently, IBSCY Ltd operates more than 65,000 accounts.  Find out more information here or contact us to explore how Microsoft apps may suit your specific needs.

We suggest Power BI for discovering hidden insights.  Data Analysis and Data Mining are expected to be among the hottest trends of 2021 as companies are looking to make decisions based on more and more information.  Find out more here.
According to McKinsey Digital, cloud spending has exceeded general IT spending more than 6 times during 2020.  Cloud does not only help companies avoid investing in costly infrastructure, but it also enables automation as many business applications can run seamlessly in the cloud.  For instance, Netflix, by transforming all of its operations on the cloud has achieved 99.99% uptime while decreasing IT costs to a fraction of what they were in its own data center.

IBSCY Ltd, the leading provider of Microsoft Azure in Cyprus and in the greater region can help you find the ‘’best-fit’’ solution for your organization. Find out more here.
Synology NAS is a device that is connected to the internet and enables users to save and access files securely and fast.  It offers scalability and full backup features and as of 2021, Synology can integrate with the cloud, thus creating a hybrid and highly effective solution.  The new DiskStation Manager 7.0 offers greater management between apps and increased security with two-factor authentication.  Find out more here.
FortiGate promises Unified Threat Protection by filtering network traffic to protect an organization from internal and external threats.  FortiGate’s advanced technology can help companies avoid new cybersecurity threats in 2021 as well as avoid 5G enabled swarm-attacks. FortiGate is considered a next-generation firewall (NGFW) and consists of the first level of security within a company while it runs on the cloud.  FortiGate is one of the best performing firewalls in the market and has gained numerous awards. 

Also, Forti Token Cloud enables two-factor authentication and increases the certainty of the identity of users as they enter the network.  This enables businesses to of all sizes t manage their token implementations for FortiGate from anywhere there is an internet connection.  Find out more here.
Cloud Telephony can surely be considered as the hottest global trend in cloud technology!  According to Yearstar, Panasonic will close its Business Communications Unit within 2 years due to the rise of cloud-based solutions.  IBSCY Ltd can now enable users to place calls directly from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and free business from the burden of buying and storing hardware.  It is highly scalable, cheap and companies can save more than 50% in telephony charges internationally!

More importantly, with cloud telephony companies can easily get new phone numbers from any country they desire!  Thus, when you make a call, the country code of your choice will be displayed. To explore all the features click this link.
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