IBSCY Ltd is dedicated to deliver high-quality consulting services and solutions in Cyprus, Greece and beyond. Our team of IT experts in Cyprus and business consultants ensures that your IT hardware and software are optimally utilised to address your company's current business needs and challenges. Renowned as a leader in IT consulting services in Cyprus, IBSCY Ltd leverages extensive experience and expertise in both IT and business domains. 

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. effectively utilising technology is paramount to success. IBSCY's IT and business consultants possess comprehensive knowledge of business and hands-on experience, enabling them to assist your company in overcoming any technical obstacles. 

Information technology is a vital asset for any organisation, providing the foundation for competitiveness and growth. IBSCY Ltd's IT consulting services emprower organisations to enhance their technological capabilities and excel in their respective fields. 

The process of engaging IBSCY Ltd's IT consulting services begins with an experienced IT/business consultant visiting your office to understand your business requirements. Then, we demonstrate the technologies offered by the company to enhance your company's efficiency and effectiveness in daily operations. As one of the premier IT consulting firms in Cyprus, IBSCY Ltd is ready to visit your company, assess your needs, and tailor the right IT infrastructure and solutions to meet your organisation's specific requirements. 


IT Consulting for Large Organisations

The IT landscape within large organisations is subject to continual change, often necessitating new IT projects to maintain a competitive edge.  Although internal IT departments play a crucial role, they may not have expertise in every emerging technology and product. IBSCY Ltd bridges this gap by providing essential IT knowledge. We ensure that organisations request the right solutions from IT vendors and submit precise requests for proposals to suppliers. 

IT Consulting for SMEs

Small organisations need the expertise of a trusted IT partner to fully leverage technology. Our goal is to help small businesses maximize the use of their existing IT equipment and systems, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. The main advantage we offer to small organisations is to use services and applications that large organisations use in te fraction of the cost using new technologies such as cloud and virtualisation.