Security is a must for any type and size of organization. What will happen if your competitors manage to get your data? What happens if a virus gets in your network and destroy all your data?  However, it is something that many firms neglect. In case you are one of these companies consider that the number of Internet-based attacks on businesses nearly doubles each year, and cyber criminals are now targeting small to medium-size businesses because they rarely have adequate protection.

Security is very important and you need to make sure that you have the latest and up-to-date technology from your firewall to your anti-spam solution, it should negotiate entry and exit for employees and invited guests but render the network impervious to anyone with bad intentions.

The management and maintenance of the aforementioned equipment and software is incredibly complex and time consuming and should be performed only by specially trainned engineers. This is our part since we have the expertise and technology to protect you company from any kind of thread.

We are offering Cloud security products such as:

  • Encryption: Whether your data resides on a laptop, a mobile device, or being collaborated upon via the cloud or other file sharing method, encryption application is built to match your organizational workflow and processes without slowing down productivity. Couple that with our management of Microsoft’s BitLocker and Apple’s FileVault and you have an offering that cannot be matched.
  • Web and application filtering: Monitoring and filtering of website categories that are unproductive and/or dangerous for your company during working hours, without needing to install add-ons on the user's browser.
  • Antivirus and Antimalware: Proactive and real-time protection from the cloud. Maximum malware detection, even for malware that exploits unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities, regardless of the source of infection (email, Messenger, Web, etc).
  • Device control: block entire peripheral device categories (USB drives and modems, webcams, DVD/CD drives, etc.) with whitelists and control of permitted actions (access, read, write).