The term "IT infrastructure" encompasses a comprehensive set of hardware, software, networks, facilities, and other resources (including all information technology-related equipment) utilized to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control, or support IT services. 

As a leading technology provider with expertise in IT infrastructure equipment in Cyprus and Europe, IBSCY Ltd possesses extensive hands-on experience. We are equipped to establish both small and large IT infrastructures, leveraging a variety of vendors such as VMWare, Microsoft, HPE, Supermicro and many others. 

Similar to how a builder creates a blueprint before construction begins, the IT Solutions Specialists at IBSCY Ltd design preliminary plans for your IT infrastructure. From remote access to internetworking solutions, our skilled team assesses both current and future needs to develop a comprehensive plan that meets these requirements. Our aim is to deliver a technological solution as unique as your business itself. 

IBSCY Ltd is renowned in the IT services sector in Cyprus, offering expertise in infrastructure, Networking, Virtualization, Wireless technologies, and more. It is ideally positioned to enhance the effectiveness of your organisation and its employees. We also specialise in IT consulting and are prepared to provide guidance related to your infrastructure needs in Cyprus or any other country where your company operates. Many of our clients maintain their IT infrastructure in Cyprus to support employees both locally and globally. 


Our certified experts are equipped to assist your company with networking needs, ranging from a small office network to a large-scale corporate infrastructure. IBSCY Ltd boasts a team of skilled engineers who are available around the clock to set up, configure, and maintain networks. Our partnerships with industry leaders such as Fortinet, Aruba Networks,  CiscoPeplink and many other prominent networking companies ensure that we possess both the expertise and vendor certifications required to implement and maintain your corporate network effectively. 

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IBSCY Ltd possesses the necessary expertise to assist your organisation with the deployment of servers of any kind, type and size including rack and tower servers in Cyprus and anywhere that your company might have offices. Our certified experts are also adaptable at configuring and maintaining any existing server resources you may possess. Through strategic partnerships with leading companies in the field, including HPE, DELLLenovo and Supermicro, IBSCY Ltd guarantees the best solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of each company. 

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Storage is a critical component of any infrastructure, serving as the central location where all data is stored and accessed. IBSCY Ltd boasts extensive expertise in Storage Area Networks (SAN), with practical experience managing numerous storage solutions in Cyprus from various vendors. This expertise enables us to assist your organisation in selecting the most appropriate storage device, ensuring that all critical data is secure and readily accessible when needed. Whether your requirements include a complex storage area network (SAN) or an offsite backup/ high availability solution, IBSCY Ltd has the necessary expertise and products to meet your company's needs. Esteemed vendors such as Synology, HPE and NetApp  trust our company to sell and configure their products. 

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Wireless Technology

Wireless technology solutions provide businesses with mobility and flexibility, which enhance productivity, facilitate cost savings, and expedite time to market. IBSCY Ltd delivers simple and scalable wireless LAN solutions that enable companies to operate efficiently with 24/7 monitoring and support, ensuring continuous connectivity and reduced operational costs. Our partnerships with leading vendors such as Ruckus Wireless, CiscoAruba, Peplink and Ligowave, combined with our team of certified engineers, ensure that clients receive the most advanced and effective WiFi solutions available on the market.

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IBSCY Ltd recognizes the crucial need for small and mid-sized businesses to maximize uptime and reduce costs. After assessing your company's requirements, we will recommend a virtualization infrastructure tailored to your specific needs. The implementation of such an infrastructure enables companies to rapidly increase server capacity or deploy new hardware systems, thereby enhancing flexibility and scalability while reducing operational costs. IBSCY Ltd is a certified partner of  VMWare and Microsoft, and our proficiency in virtualization technologies such as Hyper-V and VMware, positions the company as a leader in executing some of the largest virtualization projects in Cyprus and Europe.  

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