Why Us?

IBSCY Ltd is esteemed as one of the premier IT integrators in Cyprus and the broader region. Serving an international client base and maintaining strategic partnerships with leading IT providers, the company ensures an exemplary level of services, products, and expertise. By engaging IBSCY Ltd for all IT needs, whether in Cyprus, Greece or internationally, clients are assured of receiving the highest quality of services and products. This enables them to concentrate on expanding their business without the distraction of IT complications or projects. 

IBSCY Ltd distinguishes itself through several key advantages: 

  • Largest Microsoft Cloud Provider: Stands as one of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and the surrounding areas.
  • Cloud Technology Expertise: Specialises in cloud technologies since 2009 with its own cloud products and services. 
  • Extensive IT Experience: Possesses extensive hands-on experience with a variety of IT technologies. 
  • Comprehensive IT Solutions: Provides a complete suite of infrastructure, IT services, and products suitable for any organisation. 
  • Commendable References: Earned commendable references from various application providers. 
  • Wide Range of Services and Products: Offers structured cabling, IT infrastructure, multifunction machines, and business applications. 
  • Dedicated IT Professionals: Boasts a team of IT professionals committed to delivering fast and reliable support. 
  • One-Stop Partner: Serves as a "one-stop" partner for all corporate IT and telecom needs. 
  • Established Partnerships: Forged multiple partnerships with other established IT firms.