Network Security

Network security is a critical component in safeguarding computer network systems against unauthorised access, data breaches, and disruptions. It encompasses a range of measures, including controlling access, utilising firewalls, detecting, and preventing intrusions, encrypting data, enforcing security policies, deploying antivirus tools, maintaining software updates, monitoring for anomalies, and establishing an incident response plan. Additionally, employee training plays a crucial role in mitigating human-related security risks. Overall, network security is indispensable for protecting data, ensuring business continuity, and upholding trust with stakeholders. 


Perimeter network security constitutes the protective barriers enveloping the network, acting as shield against external intrusions, The essential purpose of establising this boundary is to control access to sensitive data. In IBSCY we ensure that the organisation's network perimeter is meeting the requirements, and all the company devices are well protected. 

UTM (Unified Threat Management) is a comprehensive security solution that integates various security features into a single platform to protect networks from a wide range of cyber threats.  These features typically include firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, antivirus, content filtering, VPN, application control, and more. UTM is designed to simplify security management, enhance network security, and provide real-time threat protection. 


FortiGate is a family of network security appliances and firewall devices. FortiGate stands out as the sole Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) offering Unified Threat Management (UTM) for hybrid mesh firewalls. FortiGate offers a wide range of security features: 

Upgrade to the FortiGate 1800F NGFW | Fortinet
  • Firewall: Advanced firewall capabilities for network traffic control.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: IDPS to detect and block suspicious activities.
  • Antivirus/Anti-Malware: Scanning for known and emerging threats.
  • VPN Support: Secure remote access and site-to-site connectivity.
  • Application Control: Manage application usage on networks.
  • Web and Email Filtering: Block malicious content and protect against spam.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Some models include sandboxing and behavior analysis.
  • Security Fabric Integration: Seamless integration with Fortinet's Security Fabric for centralized management and coordinated threat response.
  • Scalability: Available in various models for different organisational sizes and network needs.


FortiGate is trusted for enhancing network security and consolidating security functions into a single, powerful device, defending against a wide range of cyber threats. IT's a core component of Fortinet's cybersecurity ecosystem, renowned for its robust security capabilities and performance. 

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Cisco Firepower

Cisco Firepower is an advanced cybersecurity platfrom that combines several security features into one solution: 

  • Next-Gen Firewall: Offers application-layer inspection and control.
  • Intrusion Prevention: Identifies and blocks known and emerging threats.
  • Advanced Malware Protection: Detects and mitigates malware, including zero-day threats.
  • VPN Services: Secures network communications.
  • Security Intelligence: Uses real-time threat intelligence.
  • Application Control: Manages application usage.
  • URL Filtering: Blocks malicious websites.
  • Centralized Management: Provides centralized control and reporting.
Cisco Firepower 1000 Series - Cisco


It's scalable, integrates with other Cisco products, and enhances network security.

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WatchGuard Firebox

WatchGuard Firebox is a series of network security appliances created by WatchGuard Technologies. These appliances provide comprehensive cybersecurity and network protection for organisations. Key features include: 

Tabletop Firewall Appliances | WatchGuard Firebox T-Series
  • Firewall: Advanced network traffic control.
  • Intrusion Prevention: Real-time threat detection and blocking.
  • Antivirus: Detect and remove malware.
  • Web and App Control: Manage website and application access.
  • VPN Support: Secure remote and site-to-site connections.
  • Web and Email Filtering: Block malicious content and spam.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: Some models include sandboxing.
  • Centralized Management: Easy configuration and monitoring.
  • Scalability: Models to suit various network needs.


WatchGuard Firebox enhances network security, consolidates security functions, and defends against cyber threats. It's a core component of WatchGuards's cybersecurity solutions, known for reliability and performance. 

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Darktrace with its cutting-edge AI technology, intervenes during ongoing cyber-attacks, spanning ransomware, email phishing, and cloud-related threats. This advanced system possesses the capability to identify and establish benchmarks specific to each organisation, enabling it to differentiate between typical and abnormal network activities within the enterprise. 

Darktrace's AI-driven cybersecurity loop is versatile, cost-effective, and adaptable to any industy. It empowers businesses to prevent, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats across various domains: 

  • Prevent: Quickly distinguishes normal and abnormal network activities, safeguarding against attacks in real-time. Streamlines processes, prioritises risks, and offers scenario-based training.
  • Detect: Utilises self-learning AI to analyze metrics, identifying unknown threats and integrating seamlessly with your security system.
  • Response: Provides 24/7 protection, responding within seconds to halt ongoing attacks and ransomware. Excels in recognizing abnormal patterns specific to your organisation.
  • Heal: Leverages AI for readiness, recovery, and business operation restoration during cyberattacks. Facilitates efficient response coordination with a focus on collaboration and reporting.
Darktrace PREVENT