IT Consulting

IBSCY Ltd is commited to provide you and your company with quality IT consulting services and IT solutions in Cyprus and/or throughout Europe in order to meet your business challenges. We are one of the leaders in Cyprus IT consulting services. Today, technology is a rapidly changing enviroment and the appropriate use of technology is a key to your success. Our IT consultants have an in-depth knowledge of business processes, with hands on experience, in order to help your company to overwhelm any technology dificulties that might have.

Information Technology is a very important asset for an organization. Nowadays, an organization without strong Information Technology skills and without the right technology, cannot be competitive and cannot evolve, especially during and after the worldwide economical crisis. Cyprus IT consulting services from IBSCY Ltd will help you to be competitive and with the advantage of technology you will be able to drive your business easily and be more profitable.

During our IT consulting services, an experienced IT/Business consultant will visit your office in order to get your business requirements and also to consult and demonstrate technologies that we are offering in order to help your company to work faster and effectivelly during your day-to-day operations. We are one of the best Cyprus IT consulting companies and we are ready to visit your company and quote the correct IT infrastructure and solutions for your organization.

IT Consulting for Large Organizations

Large organizations IT infrastructure and services is a constantly changing enviroment. New IT projects are required by the management of the organizations very often in order to have a competitive advantage from the  competition. IBSCY Ltd can offer the IT know-how , in order to make sure that the correct solution will be requested from IT vendors and the correct request for proposals will go to the suppliers.

IT Consulting for Small Organizations

Small and medium organizations need to have the correct and most cost effective IT products and services in order to be able to grow rapidly and serve their customers. IBSCY Ltd offers to small and medium organizations the IT know-how to be able to purchase and implement the correct solutions.