Cloud Services

Established as a pioneer in the industry, IBSCY Ltd was one of the first IT companies in Cyprus to offer Cloud Services and Cloud Applications, starting in 2011. Cloud services are recognised as a third-party solutions that allow organisations to outsource daily IT operations and management responsibilities. Over the past two decades, numerous small to medium businesses as well as multinational corporations have adopted this model to leverage the specialised IT and business expertise of companies like IBSCY Ltd. 

As a leading provider of Cloud Services in Cyprus and Greece, IBSCY Ltd takes full responsibility for managing and delivering all services to our clients, both proactively and upon request. Partnering with IBSCY Ltd ensures predictable IT support costs, eliminatng unforeseen expenses and ensuring a smooth, reliable experience throughout our collaboration. 

The term "cloud services" refers to a wide range of services delivered on demand to companies and customers over the internet, without any local infrastructure and without caring where these servcies are located physically. These services are designed to provide easy and affordable access to applications and resources, without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware. From checking email, such as Microsoft365, to collaborating on documents, like Microsoft Sharepoint online, most employees use cloud services throughout the workday, whether they’re aware of it or not.

Cloud services in Cyprus and Greece are fully managed bycloud computing vendors and service providers, such as IBSCY Ltd. They’re made available to customers from the providers' servers, such as Microsoft, so there's no need for a company to host applications on its own on-premises servers.

IBSCY Ltd offers various cloud services and applications such as Microsoft365, Microsoft Azure, Azure Site Recovery, Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage, Clousd telephony, Cloud Security and many more.

For more information please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our IT consultants in Cyprus, Greece or anywhere in Europe.