Project Management

In today's business landscape, technology plays a privotal role in the operations of organisations, regardless of their size or industry. From email communication to application usage and information management, technology significantly influences everyday tasks within businesses. Therefore, it is essential for organisations to effectively manage their technological goals to ensure success. This is where IT project management becomes crucial. 

What exactly is IT project management?

IT project management involves the meticulous planning, control, execution, and maintenance of activities pertaining to IT projects. 

IBSCY stands as a leader in IT project management within Cyprus and Greece, boasting a vast portfolio of satisfied clients and successfully completed IT projects. Leveraging its expertise, IBSCY adeptly navigates potential IT obstacles to ensure effective management of your IT projects. This ensures that your business can effortlessly achieve its IT goals and thrive. 

We can handle and execute successfully IT projects for:

Network configuration

Based on VmWare, network configuration involves the assignment of network settings, policies, flows, and controls. Operating within a virtual network offers the advantage of easier configuration changes, as physical network devices are replaced by software. Effective network configuration is pivotal as it bolsters network security and enhances network stability. Given that networks constitute a critical component of an organisation's IT infrastructure, they must be installed and configured in accordance with industry best practices. 

Equipment replacement/upgrade

IT equipment requires periodic upgrades or replacements to stay abreast of the latest technology and mitigate potential performance issues or security vulnerabilities. Implementing upgrades or replacements in a live environment can be risky essential. Our team ensures meticulous adherence to all requisite steps and tasks to furnish you with top-of-the-line technological equipment, thereby averting downtime or any operational disruptions during the process of replacing or upgrading current systems. 

Software and application development

Software and application development entail the design, creation, testing, and deployment of entirely new software applications tailored precisely to the needs of a company's business operations. In-house development can be a time and budget-intensive endeavour. However, leveraging the background and expertise of IBSCY Ltd in application and software development ensures that projects are completed promptly and within budget constraints. 

Hardware installation

Every company requires reliable and technologically advanced equipment to operate at its most efficient level. Hardware installation involves the addition of modification of physical components within a computer system. Typically, this task falls under the responsibility of the company's IT department, emphasizing the importance of minimising downtime and ensuring correct configuration of installed hardware. 

Data management

Data management encompasses the collection, storage, organisation and maintenance of data generated and gathered by a company. Data are viewed as corporate assets that businesses can leverage to make more informed decisions, enhance and optimise operations, and consequently boost revenue and profits. As regulatory compliance requirements, like GDPR, become more prevalent, the significance of data management grows. Electronic data play a crucial role in organisations, necessitating proper structuring, distribution to relevant parties, and efficient organisation.