Cloud Storage

As the sole Synology Systems Integrator in Cyprus, IBSCY Ltd provides cloud storage functionality using its highly available Synology infrastructure located at a Tier-3 data centre in Cyprus. This unique service ensures that users can access their data from anywhere and on any device as needed. Similar to other cloud storage applications such as Dropbox and OneDrive, this service is particularly beneficial for small companies and individuals who frequently travel for business, offering the capability to work offline as well. 

By utilizing Synology Drive on user devices connected to our robust Synology infrastructure, IBSCY Ltd ensures uninterrupted access to files from any location and on any device. Additionally, users can rest assured about data backups and disaster recovery, as these are managed daily by IBSCY Ltd. 

Synology Drive is a file-sharing service that enables file synchronisation between a centalised Synology product and multiple client computers, mobile devices, and other Synology products. To ensure seamless data synchronisation, the Synology product must be configured as the host server, while the connected devices function as clients. 

There are several advantages to using IBSCY Ltd's Cloud Storage, which are detailed below. 

High availability of your files

This product leverages IBSCY Ltd's highly available Synology infrastructure, housed within a Tier-3 data centre in Cyprus. 

Full backup for your data

Users can utilise the file access and sharing functionality without concern for backups. These are managed directly by IBSCY Ltd, executing transfers from our cloud to Microsoft's cloud seamlessly. 

Built-in Disaster Recovery

Should an issue arise, there is no need for worrying. IBSCY's team will promptly transition operations to our Disaster Recovery infrastructure. 

Less hassle for your IT team

A solution to mitigate maintenance effort and costs. 

Team up & share

Documents and files can be shared with individuals both inside and outside the organisation at the click of a button.