With the increasing integration of technology into our daily lives, the risk of data breaches, such as cyber-attacks, viruses, and other threats, has escalated. Unprotected systems are vulnerable not only to sophisticated hacking attempts and virus or spam activities but also to physical theft and disasters that can inflict severe damage on network infrastructure and critical company data. 

Consequently, IT security sevices in Cyprus have become essential. As a certified partner in Cyprus and Greece of leading security solutions from Fortinet, CiscoMicrosoft, Crowdstrike, Proofpoint, IvantiMicrofocus and many others, IBSCY Ltd is well-equipped to provide businesses and their employees with a range of cybersecurity solutions in Cyprus. We offer IT security services across Cyprus catered to organisations of all sizes. 

IBSCY Ltd ensures that your network is as safe as possible by providing:

  • Expert consultation: Receive guidance to thoroughly assess your security needs.
  • Customised Solutions: Explore available options to construct the solution that best suits your requirements. 
  • World-class security systems: Benefit from systems built on industry-leading technology. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduce operational and personnel expenses with solutions managed by IBSCY. 
  • Continuous Security Management: Enjoy real-time 24/7 security management, monitoring, and support. 
  • Data Integrity: Ensure the highest levels of authentication, access control, and confidentiality. 


Whether your data is stored on a laptop, a mobile device, or is being shared via the cloud or other file-sharing methods, our encryption software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your organisational workflow and processes, ensuring that productivity remains unaffected. Using software developed by leading security vendors such as MicrosoftIvanti and Microfocus, IBSCY guarantees the most advance disk encryption solution, not only for user devices but also for storage area networks, to make sure that even if someone gains unauthorised access to your infrastructure, will not be able to access your data.

Partnering with leading vendors in encryption technology, we are offering products such as:


Web and Application filtering

IBSCY is a partner with vendors such as Microsoft, Ivanti, Crowdstrike and Microfocus, that are leaders in endpoint security and are providing web and application filtering to  monitor and filter using website categories and applications that may be unproductive or hazardous to your company during working hours. Vendors such as :

This service is delivered without the requirement for installing add-ons on the user's browser, ensuring seamless integration and operation. 

Antivirus and Anti-Malware

IBSCY Ltd offers proactive and real-time protection for endpoints and servers, ensuring maximum virus and malware detection. This includes defence against malware that exploits unknown vulneravilities (zero-day) , regardless of the source of the infection. Trusted by the best security companies around the globe such as  MicrosoftIvanti, Crowdstrike and Microfocus, IBSCY guarantees that you work with the most beneficial product and vendor..

Working with the leaders, we are offering endpoint security solutions from:

Device Control

IBSCY Ltd enables the blocking of entire categories of peripheral devices, such as USB drives, modems, webcams, and DVD/CD drives, through the use of whitelists and controls on permitted actions including access, reading, and writing. 

Various leadings vendors such as the below trust IBSCY to sell, install and maintain their products: