In today's dynamic business environment, technology evolves rapidly, presenting numerous innovations. Merely possessing the latest technology is insufficient; understanding its optimal utilisation is paramount. Despite having access to cutting-edge technology and software, many organisations fail to harness their full potential for maximum benefits. 

The initial and arguably most critical step is to assess the requirements of the company and recommend appropriate training courses (software/ hardware courses). IBSCY Ltd, as a certified partner of renowned vendors such as Microsoft, Fortinet, Cisco, Crowdstrike, Ivanti and others, is well-positioned to offer tailored training courses customised to meet the unique requirements of any individual organisation. 

Also, a general cybersecurity is offered to our existing  customers to ensure that all employees have an awareness of the security procedures of the company and how to avoid scam and spam emails.

IBSCY Ltd offers IT training services in Cyprus designed to enhance proficiency in business productivity software. The company ensures clients are well-versed in their new technology solutions. 

Here are some of the standard training options available: 

Corporate Security Training

In today's business landscape, companies of all sizes and types recognise the importance of enabling their workforce with the knowledge to defend against cyber threats and human exploitation, thereby enhancing overall security. Vulnerabilities such as phishing attempts, social engineering tactics, inadequate network security measures, and the prevalence of remote work environments are increasing the risk for potential attacks. 

Cybersecurity awareness training emerges as a pivotal strategy to educate employees on bolstering the human aspect of the company's security posture. By imparting practical skills through this training, employees become better equipped to protect the organisation against data breaches, network intrusions, and ransomware attacks. 

With IBSCY's Corporate Security Training program, businesses can rest assured that their staff is well-prepared to navigate the complexities of internet usage, discern questionable emails, and adopt secure password practices. IBSCY personnel are fully certified by esteemed security partners such as Fortinet, Cisco, Panda, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Microsoft, HPE, among others. 

MS Office Suite

Efficiency remains paramount in the business realm, where seamless development, collaboration, and communication are essential. Access to technologies facilitating task execution from any location renders companies agile, enabling them to maintain competitiveness within their respective industries. Microsoft Office 365 encompasses a suite of indispensable applications including Word, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and more. Given their seamless integration and mutual reinforcement, Office 365 products are indispensable for every organisation. To fully capitalise on the benefits inherent from Office 365, comprehensive user training is imperative to ensure proficient utilisation of its applications. 

Tailored to the company's requirements, this training focuses on essential Microsoft Office suite products such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, tailored to specific work purposes. Our Microsoft-certified engineers in Cyprus lead you through the Office 365 apps journey, equipping you with the necessary knowledge for confident and seamless business operations. For a comprehensive Microsoft training experience, we also offer partnerships with our trusted IBSCY partners. 

Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 packages here.


Redefining ERP with a focus on creating networks of intelligent organisations, SAP empowers businesses across industries and sizes to enhance efficiency, transparency, resillience, and sustainability across supply chains. With SAP's end-to-end suite of apps and services, companies can operate profitably, adapt continuously, and make a global impact.

SAP training courses in Cyprus are offered through a certified partner of IBSCY Ltd, ensuring expertise and proficiency in the SAP suite. 

IT Technical

IBSCY offers professional technical services and training courses to organisations, supporting their existing IT departments and ensuring seamless business operations while minimising additional costs and downtime. Certified personnel from IBSCY can provide assistance to IT experts in various technical courses required for the utilisation and maintenance of in-house software and hardware, including but not limited to Fortinet, Cisco, Panda Security, Synology, and PepLink. For organisations requiring more extensive training, arrangements can be made with our partners to conduct training sessions at the company's premises.