Cloud Collaboration

Collaboration is essential for companies of all sizes and industries. IBSCY Ltd offers cloud-based collaboration solutions in Cyprus, facilitating seamless sharing, editing, and collaboration on projects and daily operations among employees. According to Microsoft, Microsoft365 unlocks modern work styles and employee expectations are changing, and a new culture of work is emerging. Employees are looking for a sense of purpose, and a clear connection to a company mission. They’re becoming more creative, more critical thinkers and more collaborative with colleagues in the course of their everyday work.

Harnessing employee ingenuity is becoming critical for businesses to stay successful and remain relevant. Whether working remotely or handling emergencies while away, you can trust that you have the necessary tools to adapt from any location. Utilizing a laptop or a mobile device, you can  join online meetings, share files offline, co-author documents in real-time, and maintain productivity regardless of your location. For more information, explore the Microsoft collaboration features below or watch a short video about Microsoft Teams functionality. 

Microsoft collaboration  below or watch  a short video about Microsoft Teams functionality.

Microsoft 365: 

IBSCY Ltd is the largest Microsoft 365 partner in Cyprus managing over 65,000 accounts daily. The company is fully certified by Microsoft to sell, install, configure, and support Microsoft365 in Cyprus, Greece and in the greater region. Microsoft365 offers secure, anytime access to email and calendars, Office Web Apps, instant messaging, conferencing, and file sharing, all powered by Microsoft. 

This service eliminates the need for purchasing server hardware or additional desktop software, thereby minimizing capital investment. Email security is continuously updated and managed 24x7x365, ensuring an ongoing continuity plan in the event of a disaster. 

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Collaborate with your team in the cloud:

Start in the cloud

When using OneDrive for file management, users benefit from a robust platform that facilitates seamless sharing, editing, and collaboration. Individuals no longer need to handle email attachments, juggle multiple document versions, or remain tied to an office computer. 

Start as a team

Whether working remotely, from the office, or while travelling, maintaining connectivity starts with Microsoft Teams. Teams can be structured to suit specific needs, whether for employees reporting to the same manager or for teams collaborating on a particular project. Microsoft Teams provides a centralized cloud platform for file storage, communication, and seamless collaboration. 

Collaborate as a team

Collaboration within a team entails minimizing conflict while seamlessly building ideas, organising files, attending meetings, and working together. With Microsoft Teams, collaboration is effective regardless of whether team members are working remotely or across different time zones. This ensures that tasks are accomplished efficiently and cohesively. 

Collaborate with selected peers

If users want to collaborate on editing, they can effortlessly share files with trusted colleagues to benefit from new insights. This functionality guarantees that only designated individuals have access to and can modify the shared files. Once the task is finished, the files can be shared with the entire team. 

Real-time co-authoring

Today, numerous individuals can collaborate on a single file simultaneously. If a team is working on the same project and needs to collaborate on creating a report or presentation, they can all work and edit the same document together. Each member can observe the changes being made in real-time, leading to a cohensive final product. This capability is referred to as co-authoring with Microsoft365. 

Real-time everything

Microsoft Teams offers the capability to transform an idea into files within a single program. For example, if a company's team is invited to present at a conference, the planning will commence in Microsoft Teams. Team members can develop ideas through conversations within the platform. Subsequently, they can create a PowerPoint presentation directly within Teams, where everyone can easily access it, contribute content, and collaboratively edit the slides in real-time. 

Share at will

If individuals have been collaborating on a proposal, they can stop sharing the file at any time, maintaining total control over who can view, edit, and access files stored in OneDrive. Once the proposal is ready for broader review, the file can be easily uploaded to Microsoft Teams or a team site for further collaboration. 

Share and Present with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables users to invite additional participants, such as reviewers, to provide final approval and feedback. For presentations and conferences, users can utilize the Microsoft Teams calendar to schedule online meetings and easily share the link with others. This functionality allows presenters to deliver their presentations at the conference while simultaneously sharing them online with attendees who are unable to be physically present.