IT Maintenance

In many organizations, IT support plays the role of a firefighter. Problems are addressed in an organized manner when they are identified, but usually aren't identified until they have inflicted a small or even a large damage. Like a fire, most critical IT failures are preventable and controllable.

A "Proactive" IT process, through constant monitoring, analysis and feedback, works to discover IT issues before they become serious problems. IT operates together with the organization, understanding the needs and priorities of your departments and protecting them. Information Technology is always prepared to "fight a fire" in a proactive environment. But now fires are smaller and more infrequent, and the risk of any significant loss is mitigated by a disaster recovery plan.

IBSCY Ltd offers IT support and maintenance contract in Cyprus, but also for international organizations. In order to be able to prevent any damage that might occur on your IT equipment and/or data, IBSCY Ltd partners with several vendors that offer monitoring software such as:

  • Paessler: They developed a monitoring solution that helps IT professionals monitor their entire infrastructure around the clock.
  • NetSupport: With easy-to-use IT management tools, helping businesses increase productivity and security, as well as save time and money.

Having all the proper procedures and processes in place and with our experienced support staff assisting several customers throughout Cyprus and Europe, IBSCY is your "one-stop-shop" for IT maintenance and support. Our IT maintenance service in Cyprus includes software and hardware maintenance such as computer maintenance or server maintenance. 

IT maintenance can be offered in various plans. You can choose any of our IT maintenance plans based on the needs of your company or we can build a new one on request. You can purchase several hours per month or even have a dedicated IT support person in Cyprus that will visit your office several hours and/or days per week. You can even choose a 24/7 plan. We can build together the plan that is appropriate and most convenient for your organization.

There are three types of standard maintenance agreements that we are offering:


Prepay several hours based on your needs in order to have priority from customers that do not have any maintenance with IBSCY. By doing so, we are signing a maintenance and confidentiality agreement in order to make sure that when you need help, our engineers will assist you as soon as possible.


The unlimited hours contract includes unlimited support calls, emails and tickets during business hours. There are no hidden costs. You just contact our support team through email or phone and we will handle  the rest. No need to worry how many hours it will take us to solve a problem.


Let us know what your needs are or what kind of support you need and we can collaborate to customize it together. Can be 24/7, during business hours or even having an IT person sitting at your office. It is totally up to you what we will offer to your company.