Our Mission

IBSCY Ltd is a premier provider of IT services and products, specialising in exceptional and meticulous customer support. The company primarily caters to corporate clients who require high-quality IT solutions in Cyprus. 

IBSCY Ltd operates under the promise that effective information technology management for businesses is a sophisticated endeavor that requires professional expertise. Astute business leaders recognise the necessity of securing reliable vendors for hardware, software, services and support. These vendors are crucial allies, integral to the operational success of a business. 

As such a vendor, IBSCY Ltd serves as a trusted ally to its customers, offering the dedication of a business partner combined with the cost efficiency of an external vendor. The company ensures that its clients are equipped with all necessary resources to operate their businesses with utmost efficiency and reliability. Given the mission-critical nature of many of its services and applications, IBSCY Ltd provides the assurance of availability, supporting its clients whenever needed.