IT Security

Security is regarded as a critical aspect for organisations of all types an sizes. Each year, the frequency of internet-based attacks on businesses nearly doubles. Small to medium-sized businesses often become the primary targets of these cyber-attacks, typically due to insufficient protection measures. According to Forbes, cybersecurity trends and statistics reveal that cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and persistent, leading to catastrophic consequences for businesses across all sectors. 

All businesses require robust IT security to protect their organisation's privacy and data. Companies must utilize the latest and most advanced technology, from firewalls to anti-spam solutions, to securely manage both the entry and exit of employees and invited guests, while ensuring the network remains impenetrable to unauthorised individuals. 

The management and maintenance of such equipment and software are highly complex and time-consuming tasks that should only be performed by trained engineers. IBSCY possesses the expertise and technology necessary to shield any business from these types of threats. We offer a comprehensive range of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud security products and services in Cyprus and internationally, suitable for organisations of all sizes. 

With the increasing integration of technology into daily life, the associated risks, such as cyber-attacks, viruses, and more, have escalated. Unprotected systems are vulnerable not only to sophisticated hacking attacks and malicious software but also to physical theft and disasters that can cause significant damage to network infrastructures and critical company data. 

IBSCY recognises the critical importance of IT security services. As a certified partner of several esteemed security vendors in Cyprus and the broader region, including Fortinet, Watchguard, Proofpoint, and Darktrace, IBSCY is equipped to provide businesses and their employees with various security solutions. We offer IT security solutions in Cyprus, Greece, and the surrounding regions, catering to organisations of all sizes. 

IBSCY Ltd ensures that any organisation's network is as safe as possible by providing:

  • Expert consultation: Detailed assessment of security needs tailored to each company.
  • Custom Solutions: Options available to construct a security solution that fits the specific requirements of each organisation. 
  • World-Class Security Systems: Utilization of industy-leading technology to build superior security systems. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduction in operational and personnel expenses through solutions managed by IBSCY. 
  • Continuous Security Management: Real-time, 24/7 security management, monitoring, and support
  • Data Integrity: Ensures the highest levels of authentication, access control, and confidentiality. 
  • Device Control: Ability to block entire categories of peripheral devices (such as USB drives, modems, webcams, DVD/CD drives) using whitelists and controlling permitted actions (access, read, write)