IBSCY Ltd, a leading IT company in Cyprus and Greece, offers a variety of professional IT services in Cyprus and the surrounding region, including IT support and consultancy. The company is dedicated to enhancing organisational operations through a selection of services that prioritise security, mobility, and productivity. With its comprehensive IT solutions, IBSCY Ltd aims to provide exceptional service and support to clients across Cyprus, Greece and Europe. 

IBSCY Ltd caters to a wide range of IT solutions in Cyprus, Greece and Europe, serving companies of all sizes, from small offices with five users to large global enterprises across various sectors and locations. Many of our clients have a local presence in Cyprus while maintaining offices and employees worldwide. With extensive knowledge and expertise, IBSCY Ltd excels in establishing and maintaining both small and large IT infrastructure in Cyprus and internationally. 

Headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, and with office in Athens, Greece, IBSCY Ltd is dedicated to meet client's needs by traveling to any destination to deliver its exceptional technology services.