About Us

IBSCY LTD (Intelligent Business Solutions Cyprus) was created in 2004 from a team of young Information Technology professionals in order to provide more expertise and knowledge to any size and sector of company throughout Cyprus. The company has become one of the most respected IT provider in Cyprus and Europe with clients throughout all the countries of the European Union.

IBSCY Ltd is a leading provider of total IT solutions and IT services in Cyprus and specializes in the areas of cloud services and applications, systems integration, IT infrastructure, collaboration, management and security solutions. Currently  IBSCY Ltd is one of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and in the greater region. At April 2015 it was acquired by MTN Cyprus and is operating under the umbrella of MTN Group. On the 24th of May, 2019, IBSCY LTD was acquired back from the initial shareholders. Read more at Press Release.

Our intention is to provide IT services in order to allow you to focus on your business and not on IT problems or IT strategy of your company. Using our services and expertise, our clients can work more effectively and cost-effective, in result, faster ROI (Return of Investment) for their business.

Our clientele consists of companies from several sectors including but not limited to financial, shipping, industrial, legal, aeronautical, education and many others. It is very important for us to provide not only the right hardware but also the right expertise in order for you to be able to use the technology that you will pay for in the maximum possible way. With new technologies, such as cloud, we offer our clients’ competitive advantage in order to do business easily and cost-effectively.

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Click to view some of the certifications that our employees have. With these certificates, we are eligible to sell, install and maintain systems from the below companies. For more information do not hesitate to contact with us at info@ibs.com.cy.

Our Scope

Our scope is to provide services and products that will enable our clients to use technology for the benefit of their organization, hence increasing their business value and profitability while at the same time organizing information and streamlining operations. Also, using technologies that we provide and implement, businesses could have a fast and actual ROI (Return On Investment).

All of the above can be fulfilled with the proven expertise that our engineers and Information Technology consultants have due to:

  • Vast amount of certifications from leading partners such as Microsoft, HP, Fujitsu and many others. You can view all the certifications and memberships that our company has HERE.
  • Proven industry expertise

Our Objectives

To provide the following proffesional services to Cyprus and European corporate community:

  • IT Services and support
  • Structure cabling
  • Printing solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business consulting

Our Mission

IBSCY Ltd is offerring high quality services and products, related with IT industry. Our focus is the customer, and to be more precise, we focus in corporate clientele since is the largest market share which needs high quality IT services and IT products in Cyprus.
We built on the assumption that the management of information technology for businesses is like legal advice, accounting, graphic arts, and other bodies of knowledge, in that it is not inherently a "do-it-yourself" prospect.

Smart business people who are not computer hobbyists need to find quality vendors of reliable hardware, software, service, and support. They need to use these quality vendors as they use their other professional service suppliers, as trusted allies.

IBSCY Ltd is such a vendor. It serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We make sure that our clients have what they need to run their businesses as well as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability. Many of our services and applications are mission critical, so we give our clients the assurance that we will be there when they need us.

Why Us?

  • One of the largest Microsoft cloud providers in Cyprus and greater region.
  • Cloud experts in Cyprus since 2009.
  • Hands-on experience on various IT technologies. 
  • Providers of full infrastrucure, IT services and products for any type of organization.
  • "One-stop" partner for all the IT and Telecom corporate needs.
  • Experienced IT personnel.
  • Good references with several application providers.
  • Several partnerships with other established IT companies.
  • Fast and reliable IT support.
  • Full range of IT services including structure cabling, IT infrastructure, multifunction machines and business applications.