DR and BC

DR and BC stands for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity which is becoming an important service for many organizations.

IBSCY Ltd is providing full disaster recovery services for any size of organization and for any business application.

There are two solutions available for disaster recovery:

  • Host based replication services: This is a low cost and low performance solution. Using this solution, you replicate critical files or applications between your data centre and IBS data centre using physical and/or virtualized environment.
  • Enterprise replication services: This is a higher cost and higher performance solution since all your infrastructure is spread through our data centers (Cyprus, US, Germany, Holland) using high availability equipment such as NAS and/or SAN storage powered by NetApp.

Disaster Recovery

It is the procedures, processes, and policies related to the actions that will be completed before, during and after a natural or human-induced disaster. When a disaster occurs, an organization needs to be prepared for the recovery of technology infrastructure which is vital to the organization. Disaster recovery focuses on the IT or technology systems that support business functions.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is the activity performed by an organization to make sure that critical business functions will be available 365 days per year 24 hours per day. Business continuity is not something implemented at the time of a disaster but is implemented on a daily basis to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability. In general terms, business continuity are the standards, program development, supporting policies, guidelines, and procedures needed to ensure that a company will continue without stoppage, irrespective of the adverse circumstances or events.