IBSCY Ltd offers a comprehensive array of IT solutions in Cyprus that cater to the specific IT needs to various organisations. We provide a diverse selection of IT products tailored to various business sectors, both locally and internationally. IBSCY Ltd is committed to deliver unparallel expertise and service. Our extensive and diverse experience enable us to offer our clients a broad spectrum of systems and services that enhance efficiency, boost productivity, ensure security, and fast Return on Investment (ROI), while adding tangible business value. 

We specialise in the expert provision of IT products, including Cloud Telephony, Infrastructure, Cloud services and Cyber Security, across Cyprus and beyond. Our partnerships with major vendors such as Microsoft, Fortinet, Cisco, Synology and our team of certified engineers ensure that the equipment and services we provide optimise your business's Return of Investment (ROI). 

For more information about our partenrships, please visit the  partnership portal of IBSCY.