IBSCY Ltd and Peplink Announce Partnership

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Peplink | Pepwave, a world-leading networking and connectivity technology company. This partnership has the ability to strengthen our ties with networking and security products and yet provide another innovative solution to our customers. As the only certified Peplink partner in Cyprus, we are able to sell, install, configure, maintain and support the latest Peplink products in order for our customers to enjoy better connectivity services. 

We are excited to add Peplink’s innovative and feature-rich solutions to our product portfolio, which enables us to expand into several sectors such as:

  • Maritime
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Broadcasting
  • Public safety
  • Transportation

Peplink devices are tailored-made solutions of highly advanced technology to provide:

  • Simple, unbreakable branch networking, anywhere: Peplink has the most reliable and easiest-to-use routers. They have developed multi-WAN VPN bonding (SD-WAN) routers and access points with industry-leading durability, a straightforward and intuitive web interface, and a wide range of features that are difficult to match. From home-office users, to enterprise-branch networks, to emergency vehicles, they have helped thousands of customers migrate from traditional WAN to their SD-WAN solutions, resulting in increased bandwidth, higher WAN reliability, and lower costs.
  • Connect, Monitor, and Manage From the Cloud: Peplink has the ability to use virtualized VPN bonding technology, enabling virtual machines running on popular platforms (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc), to build unbreakable VPN with edge network devices and with each other. Peplink offers a cloud-based central controller that helps network administrators visualize, manage, and keep track of complex global WAN deployments via a single web console. Many formerly time-consuming tasks such as firmware updates, configuration changes, and VPN configuration can now all be done by the hundreds with just a few clicks.
  • Fully Integrated Networking Solution: From routers to access points to cloud platforms, Peplink has everything you need to build a software-defined network that is fully configurable from any web browser. All the SD-WAN technologies are developed and tested in-house, providing you with easy and seamless networking that you can always count on.

IBSCY Ltd believes that quality, innovative products, and passionate customer service can help everyone experience a better connected world. That’s why happy customers around the globe depend on Peplink and this is what we would like to offer to our clientele.

Our partnership  guarantees you the highest quality, flexibility, security and most importantly customer satisfaction.


About Peplink | Pepwave:

Peplink is primarily engaged in developing and commercialising SD-WAN solutions under its own brands – ‘Peplink’ and ‘Pepwave.’ Also, Peplink grants software licences and provides support services in connection with its SD-WAN solutions. Peplink sells its own branded products to an extensive global network of more than 500 resellers in approximately 70 countries.


Peplink Certified engineer Peplink Certified Sales Specialist
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