Using PaaSage to help customers

The financial application is used principally by accountant and law firms throughout the island of Cyprus. The aforementioned application works on the basis of a client/server architecture. Currently, the application server and the database server are located inside of the company’s internal network using the on premise application. However, the final outcome with PaaSage will be to provide the ability and option for the clients of IBSCY to host application and database servers in the cloud. Moreover, PaaSage will provide the capability for IBSCY clients, for instance to select their cloud provider (e.g., based on costs) that will permanently host the financial application, un-deploy from private cloud and deploy to a public cloud that offers more resources required in a limited period of time (e.g., corporate levy payment period).

Hence, using PaaSage the financial application will be able to be totally or partially hosted in the cloud based on IBSAC clients’ preferences. For instance, application and database server could be located in a public cloud, instead of being in-house on a private cloud, based on the requirements of the customer. In other cases, since several customers are reluctant to use the public cloud due to confidentiality reasons, the database server could stay in-house on the private cloud. Even though with this scenario, companies will be able to have savings on the purchase and maintenance of the application server. In fact using PaaSage it will be straightforward, almost “with a touch of a button”, to transfer their existing application server in their preferred cloud provider. However, for organizations that do not have any issues with confidentiality, they will be able to host both application and database server in the cloud in order to get all the benefits of cloud hosting.

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